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Podcasts, Live Streaming, Creative Content & Much More!

1990 Studios is a Podcast Recording Studio in Toronto, Ontario. We are a boutique studio with a passion for audio and we offer various production and recording services geared towards podcasting, online media, content creators, radio and much more. With an array of equipment, in-house consulting and affordable rates, we can help you get your podcast off the ground or help take it to the next level.

We have various packages available and affordable rates to meet your budget and make your vision complete.

Discounts available for long term recording contracts.

Come in and see what we're about!

Free Consultation

Sometimes you just need to come in, take a peek at the facility, and talk to someone about what services you are looking for.  We get it.

That’s exactly why we offer a free 15-minute consultation to tour our studio space and learn what we’re all about with zero obligation from you. 


Studio Services

Podcast Recording, Audio, Video & Editing Services


Audio Only Podcast Recording


Looking for a space to record your podcast in a professional environment? Book your session today and put your mind at ease knowing our audio engineers will set up the mic's and record your audio in a professional manner.

We can host up to four (4) people plus a remote guest.

Inquire for more information as we have flexible options to suit your vision and podcast style.


Audio & Video Recording

Starting At $125/Hour

Looking to record audio and video for your podcast? We'll take care of the dirty work and engineer your session so you can be creative and put your best foot forward. 

We can host up to four (4) people in studio plus remote guests. 

Video editing services also available, inquire within for more information!

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters

Video Editing


Various packages available which can include smooth video transitions, deep color correction, slow motion, custom subtitles, sound design, royalty-free music & Sound FX, graphics & creative work, custom watermarking, lower thirds and much more!

Notes & Info: 

  • Video Podcasts 

  • Social Media ( YouTube, Instagram, Facebook)

  • Real Estate Videos

  • Slideshows

  • Promotional Videos 

  • Trailers

  • Music Videos

  • Wedding Videos

Editing & Post Production

Audio Editing for Podcasts, Radio & More!


Our talented engineers will clean up,  mix, master and edit your show.

We will insert any prerecorded ad reads, music beds or any other audio files you might have.

When its all said and done we will turn around your show recording within 48-72 hours regardless if you recorded your show with us or another party.

Inquire within for a free quote. 


Other Services

Inquire for pricing

  • Episode Uploads 

  • Time Stamps

  • Episode Clips

  • Thumbnails

  • Custom Subtitles

Podcast Music

Instrumentals, music beds and custom intros available for podcasters and content creators, purchase one below!

Once sold they get removed from our website so you will be the sole owner of the instrumental.

Click the button and inquire within for exclusive leases, custom music, vocal drops, beat packs and more! 

Hours of Operation

By Appointment Only.

Mon - Fri: 10 am - 11 pm
Sat: 11 am - 5 pm
Sun: Closed

Contact Us

354-4750 YONGE ST


Thanks for submitting!

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